Picture the scene, you catch your reflection in a shop window as you pass by, you notice that your hair looks like its in need of an overhaul and there and then you decide to drop into the next salon you pass.

We have all been there, haven’t we? Acted on impulse and regretted it. You walk out of that salon with what you feel is the worst hairstyle ever. All you want to do is race home and wash your hair again and try make your hair obey your dryer and brush as you swear that you will never act on impulse again.

So the question is “How do you choose the right hairstylist”?
With todays technologies such as the internet, social media sites and access to reviews at your fingertips and with hairstylists using the same media to reach out to prospective clients, finding a hairstylist that you can trust and build a relationship with is not as frustrating as it might once have been. Whether you are looking for someone new because you are new in town or you are just feeling that your last stylist had stopped giving you the style or service you deserve, here are a few of my tips for choosing that new hairstylist and getting that new look and service you crave.

Word of Mouth
I’m a great believer that the best place to find a great hairstylist is from the people around you. Ask your friends, family, acquaintances, the people you work with or even strangers. The key is that you ask people whose hair you like and would love to copy. People love to talk about their hair and if they love their hairstylist, they want to show his/her work off. Also, hairstylists love referrals so be sure to let the stylist know when you visit who it was that referred you to them.

Social Media
Facebook, Twitter and google have changed the way we live our lives in so many ways and finding a referral for a hairstylist could be seen as one of these. Within a matter of minutes you can reach out to hundreds of people in your area simply by asking the question to the people you connect with online. As I said before, people like to talk about their hair and the stylist that gave them their style. If they love their hairstylist they will give you their name and refer you. In moments you can have their name, phone number, website and Facebook address. And by the same token they won’t recommend someone they have not been delighted with.

If you are not getting the results you want from the people you know, or perhaps you are new to the city and don’t know that many people, check out websites that offer reviews. These sites offer information about each business such as websites, phone numbers and Facebook pages as well as reviews by people that have used the services of the hair salon or stylist.

Online Scheduling Websites
Another great resource for those who cant (or don’t want to) ask people they know is to check out online scheduling websites that hairstylists utilise. Online scheduling can be a great perk to choosing a new stylist. You wont have to make an awkward phone call and you can schedule your appointment at any time of the day or night. Not only can you search for a stylist in your area, many online scheduling programmes feature reviews from the stylist current clients, a portfolio of photos of their work and price lists.

Sometimes research is the best way to go, check out google, bing and yahoo search engines, and input the key things you are looking for in your stylist. Are they mobile? Are they colour specialists? Do they work with curly hair? Do they specialise in short hair or do they do up-styling and bridal work?

I hope this guide has given you some important insights and will point you in the right direction when choosing your new stylist. Why not start right here and click on my appointment diary and make that appointment or alternatively contact me to arrange a suitable appointment for my complimentary consultation and free skin test .