Choosing your hair style

A style that’s right for you

Whether you’re looking for a complete makeover or just want to freshen up a tried-and-tested hairdo, we will be able to advise you on the look that’s best for you. As well as highlighting current hair trends, they’ll assist you with important considerations such as: your hair type, face shape, personality and lifestyle.

Hair type
Some hair types are more suited to certain hairstyles than others, so Hair In The City with our highly experienced hairdressers are perfectly placed and are always on hand to advise you before you commit to a new look. Tell us as much as possible about your hair and we will help you identify, not only your hair type, but also the styles that will work best for you (see also ‘Tips for Your Hair Type’).

Face shape
The easiest way to identify your face shape is to draw carefully around the reflection of your face (not hair) in the mirror with lipstick. Once identified, our ‘Styles for Your Face Shape’ tips can help you choose the best style for you. Remember to tell your stylist if you wear glasses as this can affect what suits you.

Hair Length
Remember to be realistic about what you can achieve with your current hair length. If your hair is short then look for ideas on what can be achieved with short hairstyles. If your hair is long and you would like to keep the length then look for ideas on what you can change, perhaps the colour or change the shape of the layers. (see also ‘Styles for Your Face Shape’).

Fringe benefits
There are many benefits to opting for a fringe. It can soften your face or give it definition. Fringes are high maintenance as they will need a trim every 4-6 weeks. Hairline and hairtexture also play a part in whethere to opt for a fringe or not, so be sure to ask for advice when visiting us.

Layer style
Hair layering is great for adding movement and texture to fine hair, and for thinning out thicker hair making it easier to style.

Hair shine
There’s no replacement for a good haircare routine combined with a healthy diet, but a regular deep-conditioning treatment will help to give your hair a glossy sheen. For an immediate boost, try an all-over Demi colour or gloss treatment.

If you have a busy lifestyle the high maintenance of certain fashion colours may be too large of a commitment. So consider all options before choosing your style and colour.

A new you?
Everybody needs change sometimes, but remember don’t follow the latest trends just because they are there. They may be perfect for you, or they may be the opposite of what you are looking for. Follow your own trend, make your own new you!