There is nothing like a new hair style to boost your self confidence, but before you book that next hair appointment make sure you know what styles suit your face shape and what to avoid.

Most women have a reasonable idea of their face shape but here I want to give you some indicators to recognise. Need some inspiration? Check out my guide and make the transformation that much easier, no tape measure required.

Long shaped Face
If your face is long and slender and about the same width at the forehead to just below the cheekbones, you have an oblong shaped face. Styles that help widen your face such as a chin length bob and a wispy fringe work well. Avoid long straight hair which can drag your face down. If you love longer hair styles ask for a style that is longer at the back but shorter around the face, layers that fall level with the chin or collarbone work best. 

hair in the city advice hair styles for your face shape long face

Round shaped Face
If you have a wide face, a rounded chin hairline and cheeks you have a round shaped face. Soft graduated layers will make your face appear slimmer and styles with height and fullness at the crown will give the illusion of a narrower face. Fringes can work well too, but make sure to go for a long wispy styled one swept across the forehead. Avoid styles that make the face seem rounder such as bouncy curls, short cuts or one length blunt styles.

hair in the city advice hair styles for your face shape round face

Square shaped face
If you have a wide face with an angular jawline and square hairline you have a square shaped face. Large bouncy curls are great for softening the angular features of a square face. A side swept fringe or wearing longer hair over one shoulder will help create diagonal movement to further minimise squareness. Long choppy layers that start at the chin will also help soften a strong jawline. Avoid chin length bobs and straight cut fringes that accentuate the strong lines of your face.

hair in the city advice hair styles for your face shape square face

Heart shaped face
If your face is wide at the eyes and narrows at the jawline with a more prominent pointed chin you have a heart shaped face. Textured chin length hair with flicks out or sweeping fringes will draw attention to your cheekbones and eyes and away from your chin. Shoulder length hair with wispy layers also work well. Avoid shorter cuts that draw attention to the upper head such as blunt fringes and harsh choppy layers.

hair in the city advice hair styles for your face shape heart face

Oval shaped face
If the length of your face is about one and a half times its width you have an oval shaped face. Most styles suit an oval shaped face. Elfin short, long and flowing, straight and curly, you can wear them all. Straight cut fringes, layered styles and wavy for body are great for longer faces. Avoid anything that elongates the face such as dead straight long hair or short layers that add height to the top of your head.

hair in the city advice hair styles for your face shape oval face

I hope this guide has given you that extra information you may have needed to encourage you to brush away the old style and embrace the new. Thinking about it?
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