Hair brush guide

Which brush should I use?
Always make sure that you use the correct brush for your hair type and style. You can ask your Hair In The City stylist which brush would best suit your needs or check out our hairbrush guide below and find your ideal brush in our online store.

Paddle brushes are great for smoothing long locks. They work best with mid-length to long hair, but also works wonders with short thick hair.

The holes in the base, or barrel, of a vent brush let air from your dryer circulate around the brush and hair, speeding up drying time and adding volume.

Radial/Round bristle brush
Particularly good for fine hair. To blow-dry short hair, use a small, round brush on damp hair to reach the root. For mid-length to long locks, use a larger round brush.

Pronounced, separated quills hold the hair steady as you blow-dry and also provide a thorough brushing for hair that is dry and static.

The padded surface of a cushion brush helps minimise static and keeps the hair follicle smooth for a sleek finish. Great putting hair up.