So, you are thinking of finding a new hairstylist? This can be a really big move, and like any new relationship it can require an amount of “getting to know” each other.

It is vital for your stylist to consult with you before they ever put a scissors and comb to your hair. By learning about your lifestyle, schedule and personal style, your stylist can give you a hairstyle that will work best with your everyday life. With this in mind we have compiled a short checklist of questions we believe will lead to you having a greater feeling of confidence in your new stylist and ultimately resulting in a fabulous new look.

What do you do for a living?
This question can tell if you are required to dress more formally or casually or if you are required to have your hair done each morning for work.

What is your personal style?
Suits, jeans, tracksuit etc. This will give your stylist an extra insight.

Do you participate in an activity/go to the gym?
This question may help in deciding the level of manageability required for your style. We believe it is very important to understand how to manage gym hair, things like how often to shampoo and what products to use.

How often do you like to get your hair cut? How often do you wash and blow dry your hair? Do you have the time and patience to style your hair the way it was cut to be styled?
We believe it is every stylists duty to take the time to give guidance on how to blow dry and style their new look, what styling products to use and even the type of brush to use. Also, this will give the stylist an indication of how much time you are willing to devote to your styling rituals.

What type of styling tools do you have or are comfortable using?
This question will give your stylist an insight into the styling rituals etc. you are comfortable with and how much educating you may need to be able to manage your style at home.

What do you love about your hair?
This question helps your stylist understand your preferences and ensures that your stylists recommendations are in line with your goals.

What do you not love about your hair?
This question is a great way for your stylist to read how open to change you might be. This and the previous question are very helpful when asked together as this will give your stylist a great understanding of how you feel about the positive and the negative feelings you may have about your hair.

How open to change are you?
So, on the back of the two previous questions, this question will help your stylist understand how far he/she can go with creative recommendations, after all your stylist does not want to scare the living daylights out of you.

When you have a consultation with your stylist the object of the exercise from the stylists perspective is to gather as much relevant information so as to make informed suggestions/recommendations. Your stylists aim should be to create a sense of confidence within you about their ability to create that new look and ensure that you leave that chair feeling you are best equipped to re create your new style at home.

Now that you know what your stylist should be asking you, go on click on my appointment diary and make that appointment, alternatively contact me to make a suitable appointment for my complimentary consultation and free skin test.