Guidance for your hair type

Whatever your hair type, there is always a style, a length, a colour and a haircare regime to suit you. Pop a request down on our contact form for a complimentary consultation, or contact Hair In The City on 0857120111 to have a chat about your needs.

How it is possible to increase the volume of your fine hair

Fine hair can tend to be either dull and lifeless or static and clinging to the head. It’s important to choose your style carefully and use only the most appropriate of products. Dull hair is generally caused by a build-up of products, wax, gel or conditioner, which will need to be cleansed using a clarifying shampoo. Once treated, you should return to using a very mild shampoo and conditioner. Flat or flyaway hair can indicate that your hair has been over-cleansed. Leave it for two days before shampooing and then use a very mild shampoo and conditioner.

Drying your fine hair

When drying fine hair, set the heat and speed on your dryer to 50%, apply a moderate amount of either a volumizing spray or mousse to the root area and then direct heat to the roots by lifting the hair up from the scalp, using either a brush or your fingers. This will give the hair a much-needed lift. After drying, complete your finished style with a finishing product from our fantastic ranges of haircare products available at our online store.

Addressing the issues of your thick hair

Here at Hair In The City we put our many years of experience in dealing with every possible type and texture of hair. Thick hair needs the correct cut and extra care and attention should be given to maintaining its condition. Always use shampoos that are moisture focused and dedicated humectant (moisturising) conditioners/masques. When drying, use a serum, which will help seal and smooth the cuticle, soften the hair and add shine.

Caring for your curls

The cut
When booking a trim or restyle with Hair In The City you can be sure your hairdresser has plenty of experience with curly hair. Special cutting techniques are used to ensure the hair can fall and flow naturally and to minimise the input required for managing your natural style at home.

Curly hair can be more prone to dryness and frizz. When drying your hair, avoid blasting it with too much direct heat. Instead, apply one of our dedicated curl defining products (Yellow – Curl and Mold Activator) and use a diffuser or low setting on your hairdryer and gently scrunch the curls with your hands. For more dramatic curls, apply a Color Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair or gel to your damp hair. Once dry, add definition to your style with wax/serum and use hair spray to keep the curls in place.

Controlling that frizz and putting the brakes on oily hair

Frizz indicates a lack of moisture and natural oil in the hair shafts. Because hair shafts are naturally absorbent, the moisture in the air settles into the hair causing the shafts to stand up and appear frizzy. Oily hair is a result of over active sebaceous glands which are designed to supply natural oils (sebum) to the scalp and hair to offer protection to the scalp and maintain suppleness of skin and hair. A well-balanced diet should be the starting point to address both conditions mentioned and this starts with plenty of protein and lots of water and will help to kick start the new haircare regime from the inside out.

If you suffer from frizzy hair, it’s important to use the right haircare products. Your best choice will be a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, for example Yellow Nutritive Shampoo,  mask and leave in conditioner. You should avoid washing it too often as this can cause further damage and dry it out even more. Twice a week should be enough to keep it clean and healthy-looking. The best way to control your frizz is to use a deep-conditioning treatment once a forthnight. This will help to restore and repair your hair, making it smooth, soft and well hydrated.

Drying your frizzy hair
Avoid over-using hairdryers, tongs and straighteners when possible as these can all seriously damage your hair and cause excessive frizzing. Try to limit blow-drying to once or twice a week and apply a heat-protecting product before styling such as Color Wow Dreamcoat Supernatural Sealant . Point your hairdryer in a downwards direction rather than sweeping it up and down which can cause split ends and frizzing. Leave your hair to dry naturally as often as possible.

Styling products
You can also use a serum specially designed for curly hair, to tame frizz for example Yellow Liss Multi-benefit Serum 10-in-1 . Apply a small amount to slightly damp hair, spread it evenly throughout, and leave to dry before styling.